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Welcome to Clara Belle

Welcome to Clara-Belle website,

Here you can find beautiful Indian style jewellery.

All the matter of the product from India and they are a good quality.

Check out the collection. Because is the handmade the collection are not so big. But the products are unique.

Our jewellery is designed so that it fits in effortlessly with a range of stylish Indian accessories and outfits. We make necklaces, rings, bracelets, cuffs and maang tikkas to go with formal wear and wedding outfits.

Our jewellery is painstakingly made by hand which means that each piece is made to order and can take a while to arrive, but we assure you that it is more than worth the wait because the quality and inticate details are unbeatable!

I could then advise to you for the important days of your life such as your wedding or birthday.

The tradition of the home-made begins to become again frequent, because for quite a long time the standardised and impersonal products were the cheapest and most accessible, but now people crave personalisation.

Today the women begin of new to be interested in the healthier and more traditional products.

In India the women have never stopped this trend because it is anchored in the Indian traditions, and they are well right to continue it because it is just magnificent.

That is there of better that to wear unique creations? I use only natural materials and authentic in the creation of my jewels.

On this site you cannot only place order for off the shelf jewellery, but also place an order for a custom-made creation.